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Download the all-in-one Lean Toolbox with all tools of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Office. Stop searching the web for guides into Lean Management and start your Lean transformation with the tools from this toolbox. This entire toolbox contains 24+ fully customizable tools of Lean Manufacturing and 16+ tools of Lean Office and Administration. The download is available immediately.


Get started with Lean in Office and Manufacturing with the all-in-one Lean Toolbox downloads of tools, tutorials, methods and templates of Lean Management. What is included in the Toolbox? This Toolbox is a digital download product and available to you immediately. The Office Toolbox consists of 16 individual Lean tools like Office Kanban, Team Board or Value Stream Design in the Office. The Extended Toolbox also consists the Lean Factory Toolbox with 24 Lean tools like 5S, SMED, Zero Buffer or the Supermarket principle. For each tool, detailed implementation and application steps are given in text, photos and videos. The tools come with additional templates, examples, handouts and games.

The download comes with 16 Lean Office and Administration Tools and 24 Lean Manufacturing Tools, detailed implementation Instructions, 40+ Templates and Workshop guides and the Lean Paper Game (PDF + handout). All established Tools of Lean Office in one Box. The toolbox is structured into four categories: Standardization, Lean Processes, Team Management and Self Management. Use the toolbox in the case you plan to start your very first Lean office activity or to establish your existing strategy within your organization.

Looking for a complete Toolbox in Lean Office? Stop struggling to search for Lean Office methods. This toolbox contains everything you need to be successful in the implementation of Lean in the Office.

Bonus: Download the Lean Manufacturing Toolbox! The Lean Office Toolbox comes with the tools of Lean Manufacturing for any factory. Apply tools like Kanban, SMED, 5S and Heijunka on any shop floor. Including 24 tools, templates, implementation examples and 3 hours of training videos. What comes with the Bonus Manufacturing Toolbox? The Manufacturing Toolbox is part of the Lean Office Download and comes with the purchase of the Office Toolbox. It contains step-by-step instructions to all the tools of the Toyota Production System (TPS). It supports you in applying Lean principles on any shop floor or company.

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7 reviews for LeanActivity Toolbox

  1. Adya Ullah

    I worked with LeanActivity on a game adaption to our needs. The tools coming in the toolbox have helped to implement a lean coaching system in Pakistan

  2. Ravi

    I was looking for Lean Office Tools and found this download very useful

  3. Ramad M

    The download was a bit too large to download with poor internet connection but it worked. Thank you,


  4. moreno

    we purchased office and manufcaturing tools

  5. andré s

    the office tools are very helpful

  6. js. found

    Lean Office is the future 🙂

  7. Mateo (RS G)

    What I was looking for! I needed Lean Office support and got all tools in the download. Thanks

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