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Download the Lean Toolbox with the most valuable tools of Lean Management. Stop searching the web for guides into Lean Management and start your Lean transformation with the tools from this Lean Toolbox. This entire Toolbox contains 70+ tools in the fields of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office & Administration, Lean Digitalization and Lean Leadership & Strategy. The download is available immediately after purchase.

Stop wasting time collecting and preparing Lean materials. Download the entire Lean Toolbox and get all Lean tools, useful templates, easy understandable training documents with examples and Lean Mini Games immediately.

What is included in the Toolbox? This Toolbox is a digital download product and available right after purchasing. The Lean Toolbox is structured in 4 main sections:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Office & Administration (included in Lean Toolbox Business)
  • Lean Digitalization (included in Lean Toolbox Business)
  • Lean Leadership & Strategy (included in Lean Toolbox Business)

Lean Manufacturing Toolbox:
Use the The Lean Manufacturing Toolbox to improve your shopfloor processes. Including 24 Lean tools like 5S, SMED, Zero Buffer, Heijunka or the Supermarket principle. For each tool, detailed implementation and application steps are given in text, photos and videos. The tools come with additional templates, examples, handouts and games. It contains step-by-step instructions to all the tools of the Toyota Production System (TPS). It supports you in applying Lean principles on any shop floor or company.

Lean Office Toolbox:
Looking for a complete Toolbox in Lean Office? Stop struggling to search for Lean Office methods. This toolbox contains everything you need to be successful in the implementation of Lean in the Office. All established Tools of Lean Office in one Box. The toolbox is structured into four categories: Standardization, Lean Processes, Team Management and Self Management. Use the Toolbox in the case you plan to start your very first Lean Office activity or to establish your existing strategy within your organization.

Lean Digitalization Toolbox:
The Lean Digitalization Toolbox contains forward-looking tools that support your company on the path to a smart factory. The Smart Factory Guide guides you through the most important aspects of digitalization. With this Toolbox you are one step closer to digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Lean Leadership & Strategy Toolbox:
The Lean Leadership Toolbox is excellent for applying Lean Management from the management level. What does goal setting and strategy design look like from a Lean perspective? Form road maps and learn how to make organizations Lean. Tools such as Gemba Routines and KATA reinforce the Lean Culture and show ways in which leaders can promote Lean activities.

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28 reviews for Lean Toolbox (Download)

  1. Adya Ullah

    I worked with LeanActivity on a game adaption to our needs. The tools coming in the toolbox have helped to implement a lean coaching system in Pakistan

  2. Ravi

    I was looking for Lean Office Tools and found this download very useful

  3. Ramad M

    The download was a bit too large to download with poor internet connection but it worked. Thank you,


  4. moreno

    we purchased office and manufcaturing tools

  5. andré s

    the office tools are very helpful

  6. js. found

    Lean Office is the future 🙂

  7. Mateo (RS G)

    What I was looking for! I needed Lean Office support and got all tools in the download. Thanks

  8. NN

    Saves time and work

  9. Zeynep

    The toolbox has good training documents, thanks for your work

  10. Mat L

    all well

  11. JT

    More templates please!

  12. Unknown

    The lean production templates in particular are very helpful. A few more templates for digitization would be great 🙂

  13. Markus

    Well structured with the Toolbox overviews

  14. Maria S.

    I thought that video are included

  15. Leon

    Definitely brought me some tool knowledge. So it was worth it

  16. Dave


  17. Sarah Johnson

    The Lean Toolbox is a game-changer for our manufacturing company. We’ve been able to streamline our processes and eliminate waste thanks to the tools provided. Recommend!

  18. l nguyen

    The Lean Toolbox has some great tools for lean implementation, and I found the product to be quite helpful overall. However, I did find some of the tools to be too simplistic for my needs.

  19. raunak ronda

    didn t find the download link but help

  20. n j

    As a lean manufacturing consultant, I’ve tried many different tools and resources. The Lean Toolbox stands out for its practicality and ease of use. It’s a must-have for anyone implementing lean practices

  21. Anda

    A great resource for lean implementation

  22. Patel K.

    We saw improvements in our processes thanks to the Lean Toolbox

  23. Aj

    We use many slides from the Toolbox. Thanks

  24. B. Lee

    We’ve seen improvements in our manufacturing efficiency since using the Lean Toolbox. While not every tool was relevant to our needs, we found many to be valuable in our efforts to streamline processes.

  25. Mark Ahlborn

    We where looking for Lean Office Tools and this helped a lot. I can recommend the toolbox even though many tools are not needed for us.

  26. Rayan Asghar

    Rayan Asghar

  27. theus

    fully recommended but the download takes 3 hours here

  28. Anda

    Hello Leanactivity! The box is great and I still use it for my company!

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