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Teach Lean Manufacturing with the LeanActivity Online Game. Simulate the processes of Lean on the shop floor with 4-14 players in a virtual meeting. Use gamification and an interactive gameplay to teach Lean Manufacturing in your Lean trainings.

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Perform your own Online Lean Trainings. Teach, coach and train your Teams or Clients in virtual meetings.

Looking for an Interactive Way to teach Lean online? Let you teams or clients experience Lean principles with fun and achieve a deep understanding. Log-in to the Platform, share your Screen, train your Clients. Just invite the participants to your meeting. Share the handout (provided on the LeanActivity Online Platform) with the team to print the pages out before the training starts.

During the training, the trainer shares the online platform on the screen. The participants watch, provide input, give answer to the questionnaire, plays the online game or designs layout with the team. Use the LeanActivity Online Game to train and coach your teams or clients in your own online meetings.

This game works with all established video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, TeamViewer, WebEx and more.

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3 reviews for LeanActivity Online Game

  1. T. (U.S.)

    We have 4 sets of the LeanActivity kit in use in our factories. We not just train our shop floor workers with the game but mostly people from the offices (like procurement, design). We always have positive feedback from the training sessions and can recommend the game to all looking for some modern ways of lean trainings.


  2. from the US

    Using the game since the Covid crises

  3. Portugal

    ery recommended. We conducted about 15-20 trainings with the game and they all worked very well.

    Will be used again in the winter times when Covid is back.

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