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Start your Lean Journey with the LeanAcademy and become a Lean Expert. This product contains full access to all four seasons of the LeanAcademy: Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Administration, Lean Digitalization and Lean Leadership & Strategy. The LeanAcademy can be started, paused, stopped and continued any time after the purchase of the product.


Deep-dive into Lean Management based on four seasons and over 70+ training modules. Access each module on the LeanAcademy platform from any device.

Stay flexible: Learn Lean from anywhere. Access the online trainings with videos via your tablet, PC or mobile phone. No installation or setup required. The Academy is dedicated to Students, Lean Beginners and Professionals. The program is dedicated to everyone committed to Lean. Regardless if you are new or already into the profession of Lean.

You define the Learning Speed and Approach. Finish each season within a few days or slow down and take your time. Go through the online platform and watch the on-demand training videos. Check your training progress at your personal log-in area at any time.

14 reviews for LeanAcademy

  1. Stefea

    I finished the Academy already in 2020 but have just seen Digitalization and Leadership been added. One of your first certified users! 🙂

  2. jeorge c.

    had to wait for my exam result two weeks last season but i am certified lean trainer now .

  3. jk

    Just finished season 3 and am very happy with the courses and trainers. Thank you. JK

  4. GK.

    I can recommand (not finished yet with all courses)

  5. Dani (ro)

    best price for the best lean academy for this price. thanks

  6. G

    I must say I really enjoyed the academy program. I was looking for lean in administration and found out that I can go through all chapters (digitalization, leadership and lean manufacturing) as well. Good work. Greetings from Singapore!

  7. T Dale

    Thanks, I learned all I wanted to know about Lean administration and production!

  8. Enrique Ioan

    Hello! I used the academy by LeanActivity for my companies training program including the certifications.

  9. P R

    Just finished. Certification is bit expensive :-/

  10. MP

    Incredible price for tons of content. We stay in touch.


  11. Daniel

    Some of the content is repeated throughout the course. Course content is good and informative. However, I still need more practical examples and exercises.

  12. Tore Este

    Officially certified! 😀 took 4 weeks to complete all seasons. Recommended.

    The game is fun!

  13. Ricardo

    I was hoping for more interaction and intermediate exams. There were only a few intermediate exams before certification.

  14. Elena

    The learning content is only available in English. The videos were partly not understandable for me. It then took a total of more than 4 weeks until I was through all the courses

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